Online tools for managing students

Use the Students page to enter student information, which can then be downloaded into School Psychology Tools on your mobile device. You must be using version 1.9.0 or higher of School Psychology Tools on iOS to use this feature.

Getting started

First, register for an account on Special Ed Hub. Then browse to the School Psychology Tools section, and click the Students link in the toolbar.

Entering student information

There are two ways to enter student information:

  1. You can create students manually. On the Students screen, click to start editing a new student. All fields are optional, but you should include at least a first or last name or a student ID. In addition to the student information, you can optionally upload a student photo. Click when you are done.
  2. Alternatively, you can upload student records from your mobile device and edit them on the website. When you download them, the student records on your mobile device will be updated.

Loading students into the app

After you have entered all your student information here, open School Psychology Tools on your mobile device. From the app's home screen, go to Settings, then tap the button named SpecialEdHub Online Tools. If it's the first time, sign in using the email address and password you registered with. Tap "Fetch student information," and the app will check how much student information you have entered on the website. If information is available, you will be prompted to load it.

Using spreadsheets

If you have your student data in a spreadsheet already, then this upload tool can save you some work when you want to load it into your School Psychology Tools app. Prepare your spreadsheet using the format described below, then go to the Load Spreadsheet screen on this website. Use the form there to upload the spreadsheet file from your computer.

A preview will show the student data our system found on your spreadsheet, and at this point you can choose to load it or discard it. If you load it, it will be added to any other student data that you have entered into the website). You can edit it further and add photos, if you want. Use the app's online features to download these students' information to your mobile device as described above.

Spreadsheet format

File types accepted

You can upload

  • Excel workbooks (.xls or .xlsx),
  • OpenOffice workbooks (.ods),
  • and CSV files (.csv or .txt).

If you upload an Excel or OpenOffice workbook, your student information should be in the first spreadsheet (the first tab). Additional spreadsheets will be ignored.


The first row of your spreadsheet should be a header row containing the names of the columns. Each further row represents one student. Your spreadsheet can contain any of the following columns in any order:

Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
first nameTextFirst name
last nameTextLast name
birth dateDateBirth date
schoolTextName of school
student idTextStudent ID
gradeTextSchool grade/year
diagnosis codeTextDiagnosis code
disabilityTextDisability information
latest evaluation completedDateDate most recent evaluation was completed
evaluation due dateDateEvaluation due date
reevaluation due dateDateRe-evaluation due date
evaluation reminder dateDateEvaluation reminder date
iep due dateDateIEP due date

Column headings are case-insensitive and ignore spaces, so, for instance, "IEPDueDate" is acceptable. It's important to make sure that columns have the correct format in your spreadsheet, especially for dates.

We recommend including at least a name or student ID in each record.

Flexible columns

In addition to the columns listed above, which may only occur once, you can use flexible columns to hold records that can occur more than once per student. These include addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, parents, teachers, and intervention specialists. The first column shown in each case below marks the beginning of the record and must appear before the other columns. For instance, an address must begin with an "address label" column.

Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
address labelTextLabel (e.g. Home, Work, Other)*
street1TextStreet (line 1)
street2TextStreet (line 2)
postal codeTextPostal/ZIP code
country codeTextCountry code
Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
email labelTextLabel (e.g. Student, Parent, Teacher)*
emailTextEmail address*
Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
phone labelTextLabel (e.g. Home, Work, Other)*
phone numberTextPhone number*
Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
parentTextName of parent*
Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
teacherTextName of teacher*
Column headingFormatDescriptionRequired
intervention specialistTextName of intervention specialist*

As an example, consider the following spreadsheet data:

First Name Last Name Student ID Grade Teacher Teacher Phone Label Phone Number Phone Label Phone Number Address Label Street 1 City State Postal Code Latest Evaluation Completed Reevaluation Due Date Reevaluation Reminder Date
John Winthrop 1630 4 Thomas Endecott Henry Vane Home 617-111-2222 Father's cell 617-222-1111 Home 19 Garden St. Cambridge MA 02138 1/16/2013 1/16/2015 10/16/2014